Paulette Cigliana has nicknamed Zachary  as “Trigger” for the machine gun like way he rips off images. He gives ‘pray and spray photography” a new meaning 🙂 . He shot 1,223 images for the 8 races last Tuesday. He calls it being ‘random’. He hangs around Paulette and Carolyn Schlueter when there is a mile race and can set up to get gate shots. The kid does pretty good. I hope you will agree when you see the slide show below.

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7 thoughts on ““TRIGGER”

    • Carolyn
      Thank you for showing Zachary where to go for the shots. Between you and Paulette, the kid is likely to have some of the best gate shots around.


  1. I like horse pictures. I don’t seek them out, but when I chance to come across one I pause and look and often admire. These are above the ordinary. They are great and Yes I would walk across a busy street to look at them!

    • Sam

      That is high praise indeed coming from someone that has been involved in photography and graphics your entire adult life. The kid has promise at 14….we will see what is on his plate at 21 🙂

    • John
      We haven’t talked to him about joining the club…maybe we should with these results.

      Right now he is looking forward to running Cross Country for his high school ( he is a freshman).


      • He would tear them up with results like these, but maybe the club should have a youth section for the younger kids and hit up the local school photo clubs.

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