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It has been a busy late spring/early summer. Duck Hollow Farm (DiSalvo and Cozad- owners) has been the center of a lot of work. The gang has built a new deck,a new storage area, relocated doors and windows in the cabin,added a small thru the wall AC unit, repaired the levees/dikes, planted millet in the upper field, built a 6×16 foot blind ( a true Taj Mahal  🙂 ) in the lower ‘swamp’ and next weekend we will relocate a pit blind in the upper field and wire it for electricity. Future projects will be to put in some food plots for deer and other critters.

After the hunting season, Molly and I will be using the structures for photography and maybe some workshops ( in the planning stage). We missed the flooding that has been happening along HWY 79 from Clarksville to Winfield.

Zachary and Uncle Bill at Fairmount Park 7/8/2014 photo courtesy o Carolyn Schlueter

Zachary and his Uncle Bill at Fairmount Park photo courtesy of Carolyn Schlueter

Our nephew, Zachary(14), is staying with us until he has to report for Farmington High School Cross Country practice on August 4. The kid has grown at least an inch since he got here last week and I think he is taller than I am now. We have been biking 7 to 10 miles in the morning and he is running 3 to 4 miles in the afternoon. He may or may not win a race but he will be in shape. As for me— round is a shape LOL.

Hey… the kid is 50 years younger than I am 🙂

Zachary went to his first horse race Tuesday 7/8/2014. He got to meet one of my favorite jockeys, Stephanie Slinger. He also met photographers Paulette Cigliana and Carolyn Schlueter.  The kid ate 2 hot dogs, and one big soda,took 1,515 pictures and had a great time. Look for some of his images in a future post.

This week’s featured photos

1st Race 7/8/2014 –Three wide with Jandemar’s Slew (#4) breaking away and a larger image of the kid and me (photo courtesy of Carolyn Schlueter)

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