The Big Weekend

This past weekend was a marathon in many ways.

Big Weekend part 1

Friday, I helped set up at  the Jefferson County Photography Club competition and exhibition. This is a print competition and I was a judge for it last year.  The quality of work is off the chart. The competition has grown to just under 600 images and it draws a good size crowd.

This year Molly and I entered several images as new competitors. After the set up and other stuff, Betty and Paul Fisher, Leah and Scott Villmer met Molly and I at our house and  had Lancito’s pizza. Lancito’s is a must when you are in New Haven–great pizza.

Then it was off to the New Haven Balloon Glow. The glow is held in the city park and the balloon “captains’ are warm and friendly allowing some up close and personal interaction.  Molly and I have a ton of images and we are in the midst of major home project, so post processing is essentially “on hold’. This one shot will have to do until I get off my posterior and get with the program.

Big Weekend Part 2

Saturday was award day at the Jeffco Photography Club. Molly won a first place in Wildlife and a 3rd in Transportation. The club takes all of the 1st place images and picks the best of the 1st place, same for 2nd and 3rd. Each place has a ‘best’ overall. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the 2nd Overall and 3rd Overall winner.

For a list of winners and the Overall images go here

6th Annual Jefferson Photography Club Competition.

Big Weekend Part 3

The Battle of Pilot Knob Reenactment

Every 3 years they have a reenactment of the Battle of Pilot Knob (Google is your friend for further knowledge)

Molly has always had an interest in the Civil War and has wanted to attend for several years but we were either too late or it was not one of the years they have the reenactment. This year, all the stars aligned. We spent the night in Farmington and got an early start arriving as the camp opened for visitors. We took our nephew Zachary and spent the day photographing all the activities. We joined up with  Scott Villmer and Will Solomon from the JeffCo club and swapped stories and settings for capturing the action. Again— way toooooooo many images but I am going to share this one with everyone. Molly was essentially adopted by the reenactors as you can see. One of the reenactors used her camera and did a pretty good job as well.

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2 thoughts on “The Big Weekend

  1. What a great weekend, if it were me it would take a week of rest to get back in shape but not for you two, your zest for life and photography is an inspiration to so many. Congratulations on your over-all wins Bill, they are so well deserved and Molly’s first place win was a no brainer the loving sentiment of the two deer is priceless and will be one of my favorites for all time. Love this photo of Molly and the troops its a keeper for sure, Again congratulations on your wins and the powerful photographic weekend.

    • Hey Renee
      About all the stuff we did last weekend…Truthfully….my wagon is draggin.
      Even worse, we are heading out tomorrow afternoon for another shoot. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words regarding the competition and congratulations to you for winning the 1st place overall. I know how emotional winning with that image was for you. Molly and I are glad for your win.
      Also, I am continually amazed at the JeffCo club’s quality of work. Even more amazing is how such a small club can host an event with nearly 600 prints. I have judged international competitions that had over a thousand but they were digital. Big difference in scope and scale when you have prints. Hats off to you and the club for pulling this off with such precision and organization.


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