Coming Up For Air


Remodeling projects,shutting down the garden, family stuff and getting ready for waterfowl season has left us with little time to photograph. However, I was able to do some post processing on the re-enactment and I picked 10 random shots that Molly took.

As always–click thumbnail for larger image

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2 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

    • Hi Mr Scott
      Thanks for stopping by this intermittent commentary on photography and living in beautiful New Haven.
      The Battle of Pilot Knob is still being held but it only happens every 3 years so we will have to wait until the next one. There will be a reenactor gathering in Doniphan.
      Molly has family there and we hope we can carve out some time and attend.

      The Mountain Echo is still going strong in the Arcadia Valley region. I’m sure they miss your talented hand at the rudder of The Mountain Echo but the duck hunters that read Take’em are glad you are running that show. We only have a few more days and another duck season will be here and it looks like this chilly weather is right on time for once.

      Thanks again


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