Starting the New Year with Lee Schumacher’s photography

This will give you an idea of how busy it has been with Molly and I.

I originally was going to run Lee’s images at Halloween– kind of treat rather than a trick thing. Well, I have finally got everything loaded–up to a point anyway.

You see, it seems my email program has ‘eaten’ some of the images as well as the emails they came in. I had copied some of the images and I guess, I lost others……mainly landscapes and unfortunately, Lee’s commentary that went with the elk. So what is left is what I can remember (never a good thing these days).

Technical— I think Lee took these with a Canon 7D MK II and a 100-400 L II lens. This combo looks like a dynamite rig for larger mammals.

Time & Place–I believe Lee said that the 3rd week in September is when to make the run to Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes,Colorado, not only to capture the amazing aspens but also the elk are either in rut or about to be.

I want to thank Lee for sending me his images and apologize for losing part of his images from the trip. What I was able to salvage is impressive.

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9 thoughts on “Starting the New Year with Lee Schumacher’s photography

  1. Awesome … awesome captures Lee, and Bill, kudos to you for posting Lee’s pictures on your website!!


  2. Thanks for posting Lee’s photos on your website! We always enjoying reading your blog. Happy New Year!

    Karen Schumacher

    • Karen

      Molly and I are glad to post such excellent photography and we thank Lee for giving us permission to post them on our blog.

      Best to you and Lee

    • Hey Mr Scott

      Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

      For those that do not know, Scott is the publisher of a waterfowl hunting magazine….as well as being a master photographer himself.

      If he says the image(s) are good– take it to the bank!


  3. As a friend of Lee’s for 50 years (er, …make that ten years since we’re both in our early twenties 🙂 ) I want to thank you for posting Lee’s photos. Having been out with him well before dawn until it was pitch black after sunset, I can attest to his patience and his dedication to his craft. As birders, you well know that capturing good photos of any sort of wildlife is not as easy as it looks. I am always amazed at the way he can go out and do this day after day in all sorts of weather. That’s why Lee’s shots look like they do and mine look like …well we won’t go into that here. Great work Lee and thank you for posting the photos.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  4. Tom

    Glad you “younger” fellas are out there doing the work.

    It is our honor to be able to show off Lee’s images and I have a feeling that yours probably aren’t as bad as you infer—

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting

    Jump in any time


  5. Bill
    Thank you for posting these photos. Just having you think that the photos deserved any recognition is an honor. Thanks to all for the comments.


  6. Lee

    These are outstanding and look like they could be found in any magazine or book about elk .

    It was my honor to post them– thanks again for permission to use them on the blog.


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