Gallery show closes

Our gallery showing ended on Jan 12. We had great success in meeting several photographers and we did pretty good on the sales end of things as well. It was a lot of work and framing isĀ an issue at times but all in all we enjoyed the experience.

Sarah and Amy at Framations were a pleasure to work with and they took care of most of the heavy lifting. If you ever decide to have a showing of your work, Molly and I would recommend having it at Framations.

The ice storm last weekend slowed us down.New Haven did a great job in salting the roads. Being scaredy-cats–(you should see the hill we live on LOL)– we didn’t venture forth until Sunday and that was to retrieve our images from Framations.

All in all, it has been a quiet start to 2017 and Molly and I are looking forward to spring. Unfortunately, we have the rest of January, all of February and likely the first half of March to go through to get there.

Stay warm when you are out and about photographing.

Special shout out to Beano– love ya kid

and since this is a photography blog

Ice Storm Cardinal (500 mm +2/3 EV 1/125th @400 ISO)

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6 thoughts on “Gallery show closes

  1. Thanks Nancy

    Molly and I made a run to El Mel a couple of weeks ago and Mr. John fixed us up with black sunflower seeds and raw unshelled peanuts. Add fresh water with a heater to keep it from freezing and this makes our place a popular spot for the local birds.

    Like the postman–neither rain,nor snow nor sleet–
    will keep us from feeding the little guys–
    the photography is all gravy.

  2. Love that shot of the Cardinal!! Definitely a keeper! Your gallery showing was fabulous and so glad you made all those sales. A great way to put a smile on your and Molly’s faces!

    Hugs and Smiles,
    Beano (Ha! Ha!)

    • Thanks Beano

      Good talking with you this evening

      Kentucky Fried does sound good– hope you get your appetite back


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