Sometimes the magic works,sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes you just don’t know

This one of those ‘just don’t know moments’.

I have ideas on working these but I’m not sure it is worth the time to refine them.

Might have to look into trying Corel’s software?

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes the magic works,sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes you just don’t know

  1. OH MY GOSH !!!!! This is wonderful, you race track dog you………
    Really Bill its great, I remember those days… the excitement , the love for the sport, my race track days are grand memories for me.. Love your horse racing prints, can’t wait to see the next brilliant shot…………….

    • Thank you Renee

      I like that term “track dog”. Sums it up quite neatly. Like you, I love the race track. Where else can you get an afternoon’s entertainment for $1.50??
      I’ve rubbed elbows with High Rolling Congressmen in Suits and smoking big cigars and railbirds that looked like they didn’t have two nickels to rub together, but they cheered the ponies that won and cursed their luck when they lose.

      I know I got hooked at my first race– glad to know there is another “track dog’ out there with me.


  2. AWESOME as usual with your creative juices flowing Bill! Especially love the top shot! It really POPS and has the WOW factor!

    • Hi Carolyn

      That ‘top’ shot is the ‘straight’ shot. I sent it and series of that horse and rider to Paulette so she could give it to her friend that owns the horse.

      Looks like you might get some rain at the track today. I know you will e looking for those dramatic shots of the jockeys and horses covered in mud.

      I’m looking forward to see what you get.
      Please take it easy— there are 7 or 8 races–think marathon– not sprint LOL


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