Mystery Bird

After each fledging class of blue birds, I remove the old nest to try and keep the box clean and parasite free. This bird has tried to take advantage of the clean box and set up house keeping. We are not sure what bird this is.

Our best guess at this point in time is Bell’s Vireo but since we have never seen a Bell’s Vireo and the Cornell Bird site pictures show a bird that has more yellow in the belly, we can not be sure.

Any help is appreciated.

You can click each image for larger image

(click lower right link to get to the 1000 px by 800 px image ( largish crop images))

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Bird

  1. Not nearly as colorful as the Bluebirds for sure!! Sorry but I’m of no help in this instance, but at least you got pictures. If the Bluebirds were in the vicinity I would think there would be a battle going on for their territory!

    Have a great day!


  2. Hey Carolyn
    Yeah, there is a ‘battle’ but it was looking like ‘possession being 99% of the law’.

    Hope John drops by– he probably will know

    Good talking with you last evening– hang in there kid


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