Return to Kingbird Road

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As our custom, Molly chooses the place to photograph on Saturdays. She chose Kingbird Road…again. I expect to get a real estate tax bill since she spends so much time there 🙂 . Usual suspects showed up. I’m thinking Molly has them trained to perch where she gets the shot. At least she hasn’t named them yet.

It was a beautiful morning with temps in the low 70’s and a gentle breeze. Life is good.

Heron Pond looks like a few shorebirds are working the upper end. May be worth a visit tomorrow. Emphasis is on FEW!!!
Stay tuned for results.

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One thought on “Return to Kingbird Road

  1. Love how your header pictures keep changing at the top of your home page as It really adds to your website and keeps your readers attention. Bunting is beautiful!!

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