100-400 and some Magic by Molly

Molly is in charge of photography locations on Saturday so it was another run down King Bird Road. She let me use the 500 and she used the trusty 100-400. Some folks don’t like the push-pull zoom. Others say it isn’t sharp. We both learned to shoot birds in flight with it and for a good ‘all around’ lens it is hard to beat. Think of it as the ‘Swiss Army Knife” of nature photography.¬† ūüôā

From the way she is using her photo gear, she is showing it doesn’t matter what lens is attached to her camera– she gets the most from it.

Photos: Eastern Phoebe Juvenile Goldfinches,Sunflower and Insects  click thumbnail  to see larger version Use Browser Back button to return here

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4 thoughts on “100-400 and some Magic by Molly

  1. Great set of pics Molly, just goes to show that it isn’t the gear, it is the operator and being persistent and in the right place at the right time….and that as you know, requires hours in the field. Well done!

    • Thanks Wade

      It was a nice morning to be out. There is always something to take a photo of….. From beavers to shorebirds to little birds like the finches, you never know what will present itself

      Bill & I are looking forward to cooler weather and Trumpeter Swans


  2. Nice. This set of photos showed up on black when thumbnail was clicked. Except that the goldfinch on sunflower was not enabled for enlargement and did not come up. The photos posted on July 20 came up on a white background. ???

    • Nancy
      Thanks for telling me about the image problem. Still learning how to use this software and it is different from the HTML coding that I have more experience working with–


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