Now that the dust has settled–bad news and good news

The bad news–Cardinals fail to make the playoffs.

There is an old saying that the sun is shining somewhere– in this case it is for blog subscribers and old friend and mentor Sam Hampton and his missus,Susan McCall of the Bay area. Their Giants are in the Wild Card game and have a chance to win the World Series. I hope they beat every team with blue in their uniform.

Good News 

Last week I had the honor to be one of the judges for the Jefferson County Photo Club’s 5th Annual Photography Competition. Blog subscriber and friend,Paul Fisher was the big winner in many of the categories and pulled off having the best of the best image in the competition.

You can see the category winners at this link:

They had a very strong field of images and the judging was tough. I had a ball and enjoyed working with the other judges Tina Crist and Gary McMichael. The Jefferson County Club put on a great competition and I saw some excellent photography.


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5 thoughts on “Now that the dust has settled–bad news and good news

  1. Thank you Bill for judging! you and the other judges did a wonderful judge. By sharing your knowledge and talent in the reviews on each photo with those assisting it became an incredible learning experience it’s a shame it couldn’t have been shared with the entire membership. Amazing day.
    PS. What a hard lesson to learn my portrait was the one up against Paul’s photo for first place overall where the deciding factor was the piece of dust/light flair or printing issues on the eye glasses of the subject. Thirty minutes of deliberation between the two I will never fail to see any imperfections again. It was a pleasure to watch you and the judges work and I am thrilled that my portrait was worthy of the outstanding, time consuming critique.
    Thank you for sharing a part of yourself

  2. Renee
    It truly was my pleasure to judge the club’s work. I figure you probably got a blow by blow of the finals.
    I have had to learn many of those hard lessons and I still find small imperfections AFTER I’ve entered an image.

    Like life….you live with them and try to do better next time.

    I wish you continued success in your photography.

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