Museum of Transportation Trip

Molly had wanted to go photograph at the Museum of Transportation for some time now. I had never been there. So Sunday we packed the photographic gear and headed out the door.

Since we had a 10-22 wide angle lens for another shoot, she wanted to see how it would handle the indoor and outdoor displays at the museum. Add the challenge of having to use flash and we were in for an interesting Sunday afternoon. For the record, I used a 70-210 but I got the 600XT flash since Molly felt more comfortable with her on board flash.

Flash challenge aside,you don’t have a lot choice in backgrounds, so I encouraged Molly to try and shoot tight when possible. The old locomotives are definitely cool……and enormous. Not a lot of miniaturization in those days 🙂 . The classic cars are killer… a bit cramped and crammed but I definitely would take either of the 57 chevys among their collection (or the vette or Bobby Darin’s custom or….ok I’d take anything they had LOL).

I picked 6 of her images for this post. She probably would have picked different ones but I ran these through the standard blog “Straight Out Of Camera Workflow” – Crop,Noise Reduction,Sharpening and Save for Web.

Larger version as always available by clicking thumbnail etc.

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