Catching up

Busy Busy Busy

Lot’s of personal stuff–birthday (me),our niece Brandi is due to give birth any day now, and we are winding down our home projects.
Tuned the table saw and have new blades for an experimental picture treatment process we hope will allow us to display our photos economically.
Duck season is coming up soon and lot’s of work to be done at the farm.

Summer is coming to end soon–hope y’all are having fun and getting ready for the fall photography season for migratory birds.

Camera Club 1st meeting will be early September– yep—lots to do.

Since this is a photography blog– here is a bird I hope to see soon
Green Wing Teal


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8 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Happy Birthday and looking forward to new duck pictures. I don’t think a day goes by that my memories drift back to Osley Slough and the time we spent there. It was the joy of a fulfilled life. Love Sam

  2. Thanks Sam
    Like you I look back to all those places where ‘history’ was made like Osley Slough,Dry Corner,Riley Lake and Sam’s Crossing among others. We truly were a pair of duck hunting fools.

    Best to you and Susan

  3. I have an itch I need to scratch and the name is duck hunting. Been far too long and I miss everything about it. Bill your photos always draws me back into a time
    from the past. Give me a shout some day and let’s see if we can rekindle some of those found memories.

    Gratitude always,


  4. Scott

    We will find a way to make it so—glad the photography brings those memories back

    As my old friend Sam would say

    The only thing you really have in life is your reputation and your memories.


    BTW as a point of information, Scott is the editor,publisher and general jack of all trades for Take’em magazine. I always get a kick out of reading a literate duck hunting publication and Take’em caters to well read duck hunters as well as what some would say are ‘good ol boys’.

    I always look forward to seeing it in the mail box.

    links to Take’em

    web site


  5. Yup. You sound as busy as I am at the moment. Can barely take time to breath and enjoy life. Take care of your projects around the new homestead and life will be good again for you and Molly.

    As I have to finish my projects before fall as well so I can enjoy my time outdoors. Take care and hope we can catch up later this year.

  6. What a gorgeous Green Winged Teal and your photo is awesome Bill!! But then your photos are always perfection plus my friend!

    Look forward to meeting up with you and Molly soon.

    Hugs and Smiles,

  7. Thanks Carolyn

    Now if I can only find a way to make sure you are a judge in any competition we are entered in…..LOL

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