Big Meteor Show Forecasted Tonight

For the last couple of evenings,Molly and I have sat out on the patio watching the Perseid meteor shower. It has been a bit ‘slow’ but we have seen several big fireball type meteors. I guess it is a perk of living at the edge of a small town with very little light pollution that we can watch on the patio–something that would not be possible at the old homestead.
Being close to the kitchen also makes it easy to get a snack and a cold drink.

Yeah, I know we are ‘roughing it” 🙂

According to all the TV talking heads– tonight is the night that everything picks up (peak ratings 150 meteors an hour +/-.
Best viewing will be after moon set (about 1am) and dawn.

Helps being retired or not having to get up and head to work anyway.

If this interests you here is link for Perseid Meteor Shower info

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