Catching up and Camp DuBois

I’m sidelined with a physical ailment so I thought I’d try to catch up a little with the back ups and all the maintenance of having two photographers sharing a computer.

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I organized a photo walk for the St Louis Camera Club at Fairmount Park. Thirty five photographers attended and had a great day at the horse races. Last Wednesday was the last club meeting of the year. It was the annual awards presentation. No, I didn’t qualify for any but I always think it is a good thing to honor those that did.

Molly had talked about doing a ‘scouting’ trip at a couple of places close by in Illinois. I am out of the picture for a while and told her go for it. Wanting to travel light Molly took our point shoot Nikon–yes, I said Nikon (dark side equipment) and hit the bricks. She had contacted the people who give tours at the Lewis & Clark replica fort and was there when they opened. She also photographed at the official Lewis & Clark museum. She did pretty well with the little camera. Next time it will be with ‘proper’ equipment LOL.
Lots of details to photograph.

Here are 3 that I thought you might like to see. As always, click for larger image.

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2 thoughts on “Catching up and Camp DuBois

  1. The “dark side” remark is all in fun….and yes, she did pretty well with that little ol P&S. She is a fine photographer.

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