A Quick Sunday Shoot

No photo safari on Saturday. We had business in Farmington and then chores took up the rest of the day.

So, this morning, Molly wanted to do a quick drive around Columbia Bottom before the weekly grocery shopping trip. So off she went. I didn’t know she left the 600 and took the 500 instead….with no 1.4 extender. The difference between the focal length of 840mm (600+1.4) and 500mm is quite pronounced.

Here are 3 images.
I continue to be amazed at how she can get images that make birds look so good. Look at the Grackle and all the colors. Even the ubiquitous Red Wing Blackbirds — male and female look ‘artsy’. What is it they say–make the commonplace look unique and the unique look commonplace?

As always click for larger

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