Back To Camp DuBois

Molly wanted to return to Camp Dubois with her 40D. I went with the 30D and the 600EX-RT flash. We were early for the tour of the fort so we went into the museum proper. The guys working the desk remembered Molly from last week ( hey…she is a looker) and we met a fellow there that is a photographer also. He asked if we wanted to see some photos he took on the grounds and we said yes.
What a treat. We saw some of the best macro/closeup photos. Photo after photo–all clear,sharp and all Nat Geo quality.

He was working, so I am not going to post his name(just in case), but he took Molly and I on a tour of the area. He pointed out all sorts of insects, that frankly, I would have walked past and never seen. He showed us fungi that was obvious once he showed us but would escaped our notice otherwise. He stayed out in the fort a bit longer than usual so Molly and I could get our still life shots. Before we left, he peeled back some wood and showed termites–something neither of us had ever seen. Just as we were about to head back to the truck, I noticed a lizard/salamander–I’m not sure but it stayed still while Molly took a few shots. It is part of her Pied Piper and wildlife powers. Wildlife doesn’t spook when she gets near them.

After seeing what she did with the old lens she was using, I might have to seriously look at a macro lens for her to use.
It is only money right??? LOL

All images taken with a Canon 40D and 35-80 zoom (old film lens) and click for larger version as almost always.

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2 thoughts on “Back To Camp DuBois

  1. Hey Cool Beans

    I just checked in and saw your comment. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for liking the commentary. The photography by Molly is always good– it is the ‘peanut gallery’ commentary that needs work LOL


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