Where did the snow come from and will we ever see the sun again :)

Went to Heron Pond this morning to photograph Trumpeter Swans knowing that the day was supposed to start off as partly cloudy and cold. Little did I know that it would snow like nobody’s business. Set everything to Manual and started at 1/60th and ended up at 1/1000th of a second at F4– metered 2 stops off the sky and hoped it would be enough. Panning fast to faster and still missed more than I like.
My right side was covered in snow and so was the camera/lens and tripod–took the camera off the tripod so it would not freeze– shot hand held and quit about 9am.
Regardless of how the mornings images turn out, I consider my self fortunate to be out there in the snow storm.
Words and images can’t really do justice to the scene.

As for the dreary cold weather—

Like my old friend Sam Hampton always said about duck hunting in the flooded timber in NE Oklahoma

Makes you appreciate central heat and a hot shower

stay warm my friends…and clean 🙂

Basically straight out of the camera so I wouldn’t lose the snow to post processing

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2 thoughts on “Where did the snow come from and will we ever see the sun again :)

  1. The snow is God’s gift to make you love hot showers. Wonderful pictures and each and everyone of them left to fly south to green fields and warmer climates. May the season of peace and joy find you and yours all warm and loving each other. And may the new year bring you many shuttered moments of peace and joy.

    Sam Hampton

    • Sam

      Seems like yesterday when we were chasing ducks in The Green Tree, Dry Corner, Overcup Bottoms, Sam’s Lost 40 and Coatney’s Crossing.
      One of the best Christmas mornings was when we were hunting in 7 degrees before everyone had to go home to their respective family gatherings. I remember how you had to thaw the old 1100 magnum when the bolt froze shut— we will spare the details for the sensitive. 🙂
      Still have the map and have taken a few select friends to the places that still hold magic.

      Merry Christmas to you and Susan–


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