Well Looky Looky

Normally, this blog is to promote Molly’s photography but every once in awhile, I accomplish something worth tooting a horn about.

I recently had an image that was used as the cover for a regional hunting magazine. The magazine is published by Scott Gordon and is a labor of love that promotes the people that love duck hunting. Scott and I both have a love for the stories written by Gordon MacQuarrie, Labrador Retrievers and wild windy mornings in a duck blind with friends.

You can read more about Take’ Em magazine here:


Take’em Face Book Link/ and here Take’Em Website

Photo by Carolyn Schlueter (taken with an IPhone while visiting New Haven)



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8 thoughts on “Well Looky Looky

  1. Thanks again for sharing your talents with our readers. I’ve had a ton of great comments about the image, plus debate about “is this a drake or a hen?”
    We distributed over 1,300 copies to visitors at the prestigious GAME FAIR in Minnesota last month, in addition to mailing to our regular subscribers in 49 states, several Canadian provinces, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Colombia, South America! Most recently, the issue with your image went to new readers in Serbia, Eastern Europe.
    So, we have outgrown our early regional status and, thanks to the largesse of pro shooters like you, Take ‘Em! is becoming known as a quality magazine uniquely showcasing the best aspects of waterfowl hunting — all written by talented, passionate amateurs!

    • Hey Scott– it will take a bit to switch to Gordy 🙂

      I remember when you started Take’em and how there were folks that said that a ‘Me and Joe” style magazine had no chance of success.

      I am so glad that you have proved them wrong.

      Considering the quality of the photography that is in each and every issue, it is a privilege to have my images published in the magazine and to score a cover is an achievement of the first magnitude.



  2. Wonderful and well deserved accolade from Gordy Gordon! Congratulations again Bill and thanks for the ‘line credit’!

    Cheers from St. Charles!

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