We are very proud to announce

that Molly and I have been invited to have a few of our images displayed at the Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge’s Open House.
The annual wildlife photography exhibition will be open to the public between October 14-18. The refuge will have their Open House on Saturday, October 18 between the hours of 10 am and 2pm.
The images must be taken at the refuge or in the counties surrounding the refuge.
We feel honored to be invited to show some of our work and are glad we can help promote the refuge where we often picnic and of course, take photos .

Molly selected two American Pelican images with great detail and sharpness and I picked an image of Green Wing Teal and a river otter.
The images are show in the slideshow.

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7 thoughts on “We are very proud to announce

  1. Thanks Sam
    Molly and I are excited about the exhibition.

    Looks like the Giants and Cards are matched up for the NLCS. Your guys got us last time and all the experts say it will be a hard fought and most likely a 7 game series.

    • Wayne

      Thank you for the kind words.

      It will not be long before the Trumpeter Swans get here.

      Earliest photo Molly and I have for a Trumpeter is Oct 26 so keep reading the blog—


    • John
      Thank you

      Be sure and let us know when your cover comes out so we can post it on the blog

      WE want to help other photographers get some props and as they say….every little bit helps


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