Update on site entry page

The site has a new ‘splash’ page. Here is the splash page without the image map/links.
I used an old eagle image with some new ‘artsy’ stuff that I have been experimenting with lately.
To see it in action with active links, click the HOME link.
This is part of re-doing the site. The next section will be the galleries.
I like it– hope y’all do also.

The new site splash page

The new site splash page

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4 thoughts on “Update on site entry page

    • Hey John
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting on the image. I like the sharp focus image as much as anyone else–

      maybe more so

      but the ‘artsy’ part of me sometimes breaks out and takes over for awhile. :))

      I will probably be over at El Mel sometime next week to pick up some backyard bird food (safflower seed and peanuts).

      See you then.


  1. I like the image, and, that style does have a lot of artistic purpose in the print world, e.g., as a stand alone wall hanging, as a side addition to an article, or, and I’m being complimentary here, cover art for a children’s book about nature or Eagles…seriously…I can see it sitting on a retail shelf in a bookstore!!!

    I’m am, however, in agreement with Mr. Hayes; my personal taste still gravitates toward the “real”, and not so much toward things that boarder on the surreal. In contradiction to Mr. Hayes; I don’t feel as though I need to “keep up”…I do, however, feel as though I need to enjoy what I do.

    That being said; Bill, if you like it, then Do It. That my friend, is what it is ALL about.

  2. Mr Jeff

    Thanks for your thoughts about the image. Yep, I thought it was more graphic than ‘documentary’.
    Molly has been working in a more graphic/illustrative style lately and I guess it has rubbed off on me. I have been dabbling in watercolor simulation with my race horse images and thought I’d try an ‘artistic’ approach to a nature image.
    Nice to break out of the norm every once in awhile ( kind of like that bullet blur warbler you did once).

    I always appreciate the feedback I get from folks like you and John.


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