Trying To Catch Up

Due to some family business, the photo opportunities have been limited. Add that nearly all post processing came to a halt as well, so “Trying To Catch Up” is quite fitting.

The family business caused me to miss one of the sessions of Kathy ODonnell’s Simple Portraits class and I really had to scramble to get images for the last class. I realize that some of you are accomplished people/portrait photographers but it is a new genre for this fella. I came away with an appreciation for the precision and need for planning/checking backgrounds/poses and all the details  that a good portrait requires. It certainly is different than many of the situations Molly and I run into with our bird and critter photography.

Luckily, our niece Brandi, a senior in high school, was visiting us, so a model was available. After working a previous session in the class with a 80mm lens with mixed results, I decided to use that popular “portrait lens” that I am most familar with…… a 500mm.

Hey, to me a 100-400 is a ‘short lens’ LOL

These were Brandi’s favorites…….. and we threw in some of our “regular fare”


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