The 10 o’clock pm forecast is killing me…..:)

Forecast for today was for cloudy skies per the Channel 4 broadcast last night–
just like yesterday.

In the words of Bob Dylan (Subterranean Blues), you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
In this case, you don’t have to be a weatherman to see blue skies and good daylight….at least until 1pm. I had scheduled some computer maintenance stuff that needed me to ‘baby sit’ for today based on the forecast instead of going out early and watching-photographing swans.

Lemonade out of lemons means setting up at our bird feeder and I think the results speak for themselves. These are just about straight out of the camera– no flash needed today.

Only exception is the swan silhouette which was taken Saturday late afternoon–

Butter cookies being made as I make this entry– there goes the diet 🙂

May you all have a healthy, happy Thanksgiving– tomorrow, headed to Farmington to pick up our niece and her ‘beau’ so they can be here for the big Forir Clan dinner on Thursday.
Friday– Molly and I hope to do some swan photography. Those of you that are out and about, be sure and stop and say “Hi”.

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2 thoughts on “The 10 o’clock pm forecast is killing me…..:)

  1. That’s one of those Girl Scout Peanut Butter cookies…that is one lucky squirrel!!!

    My plan is to try for more owl shots with clean lenses. Of course, this means getting into position well before sunrise and then being the luckiest person in the world that day…we’ll see. If that doesn’t fly (no pun untended) you might just see me at the Land of Rivers…or possibly B.K. Leach. The eagles, harriers and other B.O.P. are a little thicker there.

    Linda, we might consider going to Pearl City a little early this year to see if there is some nest area guarding going on. Should be some awesome shots from that bluff with no foliage on there.

    To all: have the Harriers showed up at Columbia Bottoms yet? There are none at Busch Wildlife. Although, the M.D.C. cut/burned a lot of their hunting territory down in an effort to eradicate invasive honey suckle. They sprayed too.

  2. Jeff
    There were 3 harriers ( one mature male and the others female or immature males) patrolling at Riverlands a week or two ago. However, the last few times I was there, I did not see a harrier. Doesn’t mean there aren’t any but they were not out doing their thing.

    I would think they would be fairly active with the cold temps but with the strong winds– they may be hunkered down just like their prey in this wind.

    Columbia Bottoms has restricted access due to duck hunting season. That cuts down on the area you can cruise looking for anything that may catch your eye. Good friend hunts an area right next door to CB–says he hasn’t seen much going on. Of course his main focus is on ducks, not raptors.

    Same with Marais Temps Clair. From all my duck hunting friends that hunt clubs in that area— things are extremely slow– for ducks anyway. I know I hunted Portage Road area between the St Chuck Airport and Portage and saw one harrier — that was first of the month.

    If there are a concentration of raptors at BK and that is what you are after— no brainer my friend. My best friend just bought some property near there( just south of the refuge and along HWY M) and he says all the ducks are staying in BK during the morning and then disperse after 1 ( when hunting ceases on the WMA). Might be the case with any raptors as well. If he is accurate, just think, you might not have to be there at O Dark Thirty for once 🙂

    Up early to hunt– up early to photograph– may not catch up on my sleep time until June when things start to settle down for the summer hiatus 🙂

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