Thanks to Scott Vilmer

I recently got an invitation to photograph eagles with Scott Vilmer ( winner of a gazillion photo contests and all around good guy). Scott is one of those photographers that photographs everything well, always has a camera with him and is very successful.

We met at the Junie Moon Cafe for breakfast and then had a quick photo shoot. Scott had to cut it short due to some yahoo missing a curve near his house in Richwoods and flattening a couple of Rose of Sharon bushes. Like Molly always tells me…”You can’t fix stupid.” Hopefully, Scott can re-plant the bushes and maybe put a couple of boulders in the yard so the next yahoo gets a ‘wake up call’.

Here is a half-dozen– I’m sure Scott’s are better but these will have to do.


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7 thoughts on “Thanks to Scott Vilmer

  1. oh my gosh Bill you have totally out done yourself! The clarity is insane, can’t decide which one is my favorite, so will take them all……. 🙂 So glad you all had a great weekend

    • Hey John

      Glad you dropped by.

      Scott was nice enough to let me tag along since we no longer live on the Great River Road and its eagles.
      Molly said to tell you hi and we miss seeing you running up and down the Mississippi looking for eagles, harriers, short ear owls and all the neat birds you seemed to find.


    • Thanks Lee

      I am trying to emulate the ultimate panning done by Lori Biehl– she is an expert and does it exceptionally well.

      I just get lucky every now and then.

      Thanks for commenting


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