Teal Pond-Friday-11-30-2012

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Had a doctor’s appointment at 10 am so I made a pre dawn run to Riverlands. Started at Heron Pond. Was able to get some nice images of ducks,geese and some Trumpeter Swans. Lot of swans in the area. The COE has raised the water level in Heron Pond so the water is coming closer to the road. Hope to get some close shots later this season there. I moved to Two Pecan Trail as part of my homeward route. Mostly Canada Geese and mallards. Got some blast off shots that I need to process. Moved on to Teal Pond

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When I got to the Teal Pond, I set up in the NE Corner so I try and photograph the Goldeneyes and Hooded Mergansers. The Ringbill Gulls kept dropping into my sight lines. So, I snapped a few photos of them.



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The Goldeneyes and Hooded Mergansers finally came close enough to photograph. When I got home and started going through the morning’s images, this one caught my eye. I really like this image, hope you like it also..

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2 thoughts on “Teal Pond-Friday-11-30-2012

  1. Beautiful Bill. I love that shot!
    I’ve been trying to get Harrier shots at Busch. They are there everyday, but they only get close when it’s still dark. I did find some future work though. Found a bunch of gals working their goldens in a field and they asked if I would be interested in shooting at field tests and trials…the answer was resounding “hell yes!”

    I’ll send you a couple of shots. Yeah, that’s something you’ve probably never seen…a retriever with a duck in it’s mouth.

    • Hey Jeff
      Wondered where you had been hanging out. If you need assistants when you do the field trials, Molly and I don’t mind photographing swamp collies. 🙂

      Seriously, we would like to photograph the trials if you can work us into the ‘official photographer thing’

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