“Shoe Horn Trip” and New Year’s Resolutions

Last Wednesday, we had ‘bidness’ ( as my Texan friends would say) in St. Louis. We also had a time limit due to an appointment with the flooring contractor in Washington at 1 pm.

First stop was to DiSalvo’s office to drop off a special edition duck calendar and a hand blown glass bowl custom-made by Astral Glass in New Haven. Enjoyed our post-Christmas visit with Mr Tony.

Then off to the best feed store in Missouri– El Mel in North St. Louis┬áCounty. Missed seeing Mr. John but we picked up the 50 lb bag of peanuts in the shell, a blue bird house and pole guard for a house gift for one of our New Haven neighbors. We hope to drop in soon and catch John at work and have some confab time.

We had a short window for a visit to Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Molly wanted to see if we could find the Snowy Owl that everyone has sent us pictures of and was featured in the Post-Dispatch recently. Alas, not a feather of the Snowy Owl was found, much less the actual bird. We knew from our many years of photographing the Trumpeter swans that they would most likely fly late in the morning and so we were able to set up for an abbreviated shoot. Molly had limited success that she attributed to being ‘rusty’ but we found out later that her camera was set on One Shot instead of AI Servo.

That leads us to the resolution #1—

check the dang camera before you leave the house

After a client asked for some Northern Shoveler images, I went through various external hard drives and saw that we need to do some ‘cut throat editing’– way too many images that need to hit the Recycle Bin. Memory may be cheap but you never know when you might need it.

Resolution #2


Resolution #3

Photograph more– get off the couch and get with the program LOL

3 Swan images from our ‘Shoe horn trip’

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