Molly had originally planned to do a commercial photo test shoot but I suggested that she wait until the wide-angle lens that I rented for another shoot comes in.
So, we hit the rivers. I set up in the marsh mud for shore birds and ducks while 150 yards away Molly used the truck as a blind. Molly had me place the truck so she could get the muskrat she knew would pop up. The ‘bonus’ raccoon got inside minimum focus distance. Molly said the raccoon saw her and didn’t seem to mind her taking his picture. Don’t know if he was hunting frogs but you know it is spring when the frogs are ‘singing’…….and they were singing! We had to cope with peek-a-boo sun but it was a pleasant spring morning.

For our friends that roam the wetlands there are large numbers of American Pelicans, herons, cormorants along the river. Egret numbers are increasing. Since it is turkey hunting season, we will not be in the woods for a few weeks.

Here are 3 shots by Molly. As usual,click for larger image.

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