Pushing Spring

The weather certainly has moderated from high’s in the 20’s to near 60’s or more. I went and did a little photography at Riverlands Saturday afternoon and early Sunday. May have pushed my ‘recovery’ from the cold that won’t go away. Temperature Sunday morning was 36 degrees with a Northeast wind. My old 1DMKIIN is like an old Ford I had in high school….just doesn’t like the cold and takes awhile before it decides to work. Come to think of it, I take more time to get going when it is cold these days. I have to admit that it has tried my patience from not working but I just can’t see replacing it just yet.

Anyway, here are a few essentially straight out of camera (cropped and sharpened only) from the outing. Now back to the medication and ‘house arrest’ LOL.
(as always–click for larger image)

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