Morning at Pere Marquette

We have a custom of going to Pere Marquette State Park on the 3rd weekend of October. In the past it was our ‘last’ outing before duck season made Molly a ‘duck hunting widow’ but now it is our fall foliage road trip.

Saturday started overcast which was contrary to the forecast we heard Friday night. The overcast was high enough to give us soft light but we were looking forward to bright fall colors. Considering the summer drought, the leaves colors were actually pretty good. Temperatures were a bit chilly but still comfortable if the wind wasn’t blowing.

After photographing on the high hill/bluffs there is the added bonus of a great hot breakfast at the Pere Marquette Lodge. Hits the spot and then some. On the way home we always stop at an old barn type structure and an old house that is across from one of the Illinois wildfowl hunting  areas. Light is usually a bit harsh but — you take the picture when you are there anyway.

Grafton had a mountain man rendezvous but it was looking pretty crowded so we chose to head to Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary. I wanted to see if the duck population was increasing (duck season starts Nov 3) . Yep, there were ducks but they were way out in the middle of Heron Pond. Since Heron Pond becomes a refuge from Oct 15 to April 15– no opportunity to get any photographs. The Heron Pond parking lot was all we had access to on that day.

Molly took a picture of one of the most visually appealing bridges in my humble and oft disputed opinion….The Clark Bridge that connects Missouri with Alton, Illinois. We both love to see that bridge in any type of weather and day or night.

Anyway here are Molly’s photos from the road trip– hit back button after image loads to return to this page.



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