More Swans and a Buck

Molly and I went out to The Heron Pond the other afternoon. Molly was going to use a 1.4 extender with the 500mm but she left it( the extender) at home, so she was a bit ‘focal length challenged’ for the location. South winds so we tried our hand at the end of Orton Road. Truly a different perspective. For those in the know, yeah, it is where the new structure is and no, the structure is not photographer friendly– might work for spotting scopes but it just doesn’t work for long lenses and trying to get flight shots.

Also, many of you know what the answer is if you try to get a special use permit to gain access inside the refuge area…..
unless of course you have an in with the right people….
and of course we don’t 🙂

In the words of that great American philosopher, Jeff Kezele, when he reported being turned down for said permit, “At least they were polite about saying no” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Had to dump files into the back up drives since we have pretty much filled up the laptop’s 1 terabyte hard drive. I guess with both of us banging away, we should have anticipated running out of room before the year’s end. Transferring the files as I type, so this will be a short post and a small gallery.

All images by Molly

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One thought on “More Swans and a Buck

  1. Thanks for kudos Bill. I actually got lucky on Sunday and had 6 swans trapped in the corner by the station…not bad stuff anyway.
    What are we going to do with those 6 crippled pelicans? Will they make it? Should someone intervene?

    That box with the slits cut in it is a bad joke…and I’m being nice!

    As I was talking to George, I was almost ran over by the female harrier! No camera in reach. George and I both swear, that as she passed, we both heard her call out, “dumbies!”

    Molly, nice shoot’n! I’ll see ya’ll down there sometime soon.

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