Lunch interrupted

We were having lunch when Molly said that she thought there was a bald eagle over the woods behind the house. We had a flock of turkey vultures flying near the house in the morning so we wanted to be sure on the ID.

Sure enough, there was a mature and an immature flying around the woods. I went and got the big lens (600 + 1.4 extender) and ripped off several images to make sure. Yep, eagles. Molly went and got the tripod/gimbal so I would not have to hand-hold while trying to locate the eagles in the viewfinder. They were small in the frame with a bright blue sky and sunshine which made finding them again difficult. I looked up and away and saw three birds circling. Before they got into the sun, I watched the two mature eagles and the immature doing a high altitude patrol.

Molly’s eyesight is phenomenal, not only can she ID ducks on the wing while riding in a pickup truck at 40 miles an hour but she can spot distant eagles and know they are not turkey vultures while making lunch.

These snapshots are by no means what I would call great photography but not everyone has their Sunday lunch interrupted by eagles LOL.

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5 thoughts on “Lunch interrupted

    • Hi Nancy
      Yep– it was cool.
      We have had a lot of cool things happen here like the solar eclipse, meteor showers and other things such as when the deer come by the gravel road behind the house at midnight on full moons– makes staying up past our usual bedtimes worth the lost sleep. Just to name a few.
      Glad you stopped by


  1. And, if you ever need to find a teeny tiny Chipmunk at Lone Elk or anywhere, Ms. Molly is the Chipmunk Queen of Photography!!! Her eye for spotting a Chipmunk is phenomenal!! Blew my mind as I had never seen a Chipmunk before and in all the fall foliage at Lone Elk she says ‘There’s your Chipmunk right over there on that log’ and she nailed the most awesome capture of it!!! And it was quite a distance from the road too!!! Go Molly!! Hope you are feeling better with each passing day dear one.

    • Carolyn
      Molly forgot to tell you that she has trained that chipmunk to be on that log everyday between the hours of 8 am and 2pm LOL

      Love ya


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