Linda Rosland awarded 3rd place in Alton Square Eagle Photo Contest

We just found out that our friend, Linda Rosland, was awarded 3rd place in the 2014 Alton Square Eagle Photo Contest ( see image at the end of the post ).

The contest asked for photos of local River Bend Bald Eagles (from Chain of Rocks Bridge to the Pere Marquette area) that were taken during the month of January or February 2014. All entries had to be 8 x 10 prints and are now on display at the mall. For information about the mall or to get directions etc go here 

As many of you know, Linda is a passionate nature photographer and logs many hours and miles in pursuit of eagles and other critters. She generously shares her sitings with a ‘network’ of other photographers/friends.  Linda shared many of her images for this year’s contest with this network to help her determine possible entries. I can attest that her work is definitely “top drawer” and set a high bar for any of us that chase eagles and photographs them.

Click image for larger view of image– use the BACK arrow to return to the blog


Used with permission– copyright Linda Rosland


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5 thoughts on “Linda Rosland awarded 3rd place in Alton Square Eagle Photo Contest

  1. Congratulations big time Linda!!! AWESOME photo and thanks Bill and Molly for posting this on your website. A win win situation all the way around!! Have a great day.

    • Thank you Carolyn and Bill and Molly for your kind words. Bald Eagles are a passion for me. I love observing and photographing them in their natural environment. I’m very honored to be the recipient of Third Place in the Alton Square Eagle Photo Contest.

  2. Outstanding and sublime photos of your local magnificent Bald Eagles , Linda. Congratulations to you on this well deserved award.

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