July 12-18–small doings and big plans

Small Doings:
The past week was taking care of unfinished business.
Trip to Duck Hollow Farm. Flood waters slowly going down and the cabin is dry.
Annual physical results were really,really good…….I mean REALLY Good!!!
The hard work is paying off.
“Big Plans”:
Birthday coming up at the end of the month (65th).
Our nephew,Zachary,will be visiting us this Friday for a week or so and we have a full schedule laid out.
Hummingbird Festival,Museum of Transportation,Fairmount Park–fence painting ala Tom Sawyer.
Always a good time when the kid is here.
In anticipation, we rented a Canon 10-22 and 100 Macro.
We hope to have some fun with these lens.

They also arrive on Friday.

Friday will also be Pizza Night!!!!!!!
When you are on a diet,it doesn’t take much to get excited LOL.

Since this is also a photo blog……….
Molly shot these Saturday 7/18–for larger image click thumbnail

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2 thoughts on “July 12-18–small doings and big plans

    • Hey Paul

      Glad you visited the blog. I guess I did not have the new comment alert feature turned on and did not know you were here.

      We have been busy with Zachary visiting for summer vacation and haven’t checked the site for a week or so.

      Hope you visit often. See you soon.

      Molly and Bill

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