It was like a reunion……

Photographers gather at the Osprey Tree
Photo by George Goeken

George Goeken was generous with information about a pair of Osprey that he had been photographing all week. George was kind enough to allow me the use of his images of a large contingent of the regulars. Be sure and drop by George’s web site and see his images and sign his guest book.

All images in this post courtesy of George Goeken

Carolyn Schlueter checks her camera settings
photo by George Goeken

“Long Lens Row” at the Osprey Tree
photo by George Goeken

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4 thoughts on “It was like a reunion……

  1. “Is there a rule that you can’t get off the road? ”

    …ssshhhhhhhhhh The COE may hear you …….. and think we are stressing SUVs and pick up trucks…..LOL

  2. John

    The fella standing in the SUV is shooting a 800 f5.6
    The fella standing on the ground is using a 600 f4

    Molly and I hope you like the cards


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