Dough Rising

I have been told on numerous occasions that still photography is dead and that if I was smart, I’d learn to do video. They may have a point. However sitting here with fresh bread baking, if I was smart, I’d invent something so you could smell what I’m smelling while you read this.

It is times like this, that make all the trials and delays putting natural gas into this formerly all-electric house worth it. Molly is loving the new Kitchen-Aid oven’s convection feature.

Some quick snaps:

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3 thoughts on “Dough Rising

    • Mean??????
      Here is what is mean….
      Every neighbor has fresh home-made bread but there is NO fresh home-made bread in our house for old Bill to put in the broiler with butter to melt and then eat along with a cold glass of milk. All I have is the smell LOL

      Now that is mean

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