Congratulations to Carolyn Schlueter

Friday, January 25th, was the reception for Framations Art Gallery’s annual Beyond the Lens competition. Our very dear friend, Carolyn Schlueter, was awarded 2nd place in the competition for her excellent black & white image “Pensive Moment”. Carolyn also had 2 other images accepted into the exhibition.

We had other friends who had their work accepted into the gallery exhibition and will note them in another blog post soon.Molly and I are blessed with being surrounded with wonderful friends that are very creative.

It is our pleasure to try and showcase them to our subscribers.

Here is an image of Carolyn with her prize winning image

(sorry, I do not know who took the image to do a credit caption).

Congrats to Carolyn

Carolyn Schlueter and her prize winning image “Pensive Moment”

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7 thoughts on “Congratulations to Carolyn Schlueter

  1. Thanks for the post Bill!! Much appreciated and yes, it was an exciting night and even more exciting when my name was called for Second Place. As you and Molly know, it is quite an honor to place in that prestigious competition. Amy Wilson, co-owner of Framations is the lady who gets credit for taking the picture.


  2. Congratulations to her, she is a talented wonderful woman, enjoyed visiting with her and being there to see her win

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