Christmas in New Haven,Gallery Showing Update, Rob Droney’s Book and a preview of Lee Schumacher’s photgraphy

Busy,Busy,Busy—- so let me get right to it.

Christmas in New Haven

Molly’s family has decided to have Christmas in the ‘new’ house, so we are hustling getting things ready. We did make some time to go out and see the Christmas lights in our little town. There are a couple of folks that have no fear of the light bill and probably could be used by aircraft as landmarks for navigation.

Gallery Showing Update

The reception at Framations in St. Charles went great. We got to see some old friends, make some new friends and even sold a few things. For those of you that were there….the big buffalo image (24 inches by 60 inches) sold to a collector from Rolla. It will hang in their new house. Molly’s new wide-angle lens is now officially paid for LOL.

Rob Droney’s Book

One of the folks that made it to the reception was my old friend Rob Droney. Rob and I worked together many moons and much water under the bridge ago. He always said he wanted to do some writing and he graciously sent me a copy of his book, A Halloween Carol. It is a good read. It borrows the Christmas Carol format but has a delicious twist that caught me flat-footed like opposing batters seeing a Wainright curveball. I bought the paperback for computer phobic Molly.

If it sounds like something you might be interested in reading, here is the link to the Amazon page.

Speaking of Halloween, I was going to show you all some great photography by Lee Schumacher back in October but we got busy framing and getting things ready for the gallery stuff. Life once again got in the way but I hope to rectify my tardiness after the first of the new year.

Here are a few teaser images

So be sure to come back after the holidays for some outstanding elk and landscapes by Lee.

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