A New Year

Molly and I wish all of you a happy,prosperous and healthy New Year.

The new year finds Molly’s vacation ending as she returns to work tomorrow. The vacation was a mixed bag of good and bad weather, a few family challenges and as much photography as she could manage to cram into what time as allotted. The majority of images in this post’s gallery are her’s. I picked a few of her images without getting into her ‘competition’ images. The post processing consists of cropping, sharpening and that is it. Essentially straight out of the camera. Pretty good considering she was freezing most of the time :).
One of these days, I will have to post a picture of her in her “Jim Bob Walton” hat.

Forgive me for doing a little self back patting.

The January 2014 of the PSA JOURNAL arrived the other day and I just did a quick look see meaning to read it another time. Molly picked it up and noticed on page 42 that I was mentioned as earning an Honorable Mention in the Class B Inter-Club Nature competition. I had forgotten the award but Molly said that I should put the news in the blog since she is proud of me and the successful image. The image title is HARRIER HEAD ON and is in this post’s photo galley.

Click on image for larger version/slideshow

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4 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Great pics as always from the Coatney camp!

    Its always a good day to see what you folks enjoy doing and it’s reflected on the work you both put out on all your photographs.

    • Scott
      Thank for your kind words. I guess the artist part of Molly and I always wonders if we are doing good work and if people enjoy our images.

      It is comments like yours that let us know that we are on the right road.

      Thanks again


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