A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

Some of you have met Paulette Cigliana and if you have been paying attention to the blog….you have at least heard of Paulette. Paulette is involved with the horse racing at Fairmount and has certainly helped me photograph the racing as well as meet some of the jockeys, trainers and staff.

She is the unofficial/official “Barn Mom”. She mother hen’s all the horses in the barn with peppermints, carrots and love pats. She also listens to the folks that care for her “babies” — if you can call horses that weigh 1,000 to 1,200 pounds being a babies. 🙂 You would be hard set to find anyone more caring about horses or people.

Anyway….. On May 3rd she had 3 ‘babies’ running in different races and was a bit nervous how they would do …and for their safety. After the dust settled, two of her ‘babies won their races and another finished third— all ‘in the money’. Just as important all finished their races safely and with no injuries.

Here are her ‘babies’ that ran on Tuesday, May 3rd.


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2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks Carolyn
    Hope you got some excellent images from the deck. Molly really liked the one you took of the little fat guy photographer that lives in the same house as her. 🙂

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