#900-2023 Digital Download Calendar




This is a 2023 calendar in digital form. The downloadable files consists of a pdf  file with all 13 images 8.5 x 11 inches in sequential order (cover and 12 individual months).

Click thumbnails to see the individual months.

After download, the files can be used to print a 2023 Calendar either on your own printer or by your local office supply store like Office Depot/Max, Staples etc which often offer calendar printing services. We recommend printing on double coated paper to minimize paper curling. If double sided paper can not be found, then photo matte paper may work much like double coated paper. In limited testing, standard typewriting paper did pretty well.

In limited testing, standard typewriting paper did pretty well………if it goes south,as cheap as it is , you can easily print another page etc. 

As they say….your mileage may vary.

Our experience is that single coated Glossy Photo paper will curl………..BADLY

 The calendar is designed for a 1/4 inch spiral for binding. The calendar is also designed for a hole to be punched below the spiral.

The purchase is good for 3 downloads.

The download access is good for 14 days after purchase date.

Now for the legal stuff.

The files are copyrighted.

By downloading the files, you agree to use the calendar files for your own personal use  and that commercial use is prohibited.